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Our Mission

JL Royce School of Esthetics’ mission is to develop confident and skilled individuals who are determined and motivated to achieve their full potential. Our commitment is to educate our students with a high level of integrity and knowledge not only in the technical skills of skin care and education, but also in the social aspect to develop professionals ready to excel in the beauty industry. 


All About Me

Melissa Thibodeaux LMT, LE
Licensed Esthetician Educator

JL Royce School of Esthetics was founded by owner and beauty educator Melissa Thibodeaux. I found my passion for skin care while practicing massage in Frisco, TX., I thought why not take care of the skin while also taking care of the body? I began my journey by attending a school for esthetics and realized it was a bigger passion than I had thought about initially. I fell in love with the industry as a whole after realizing the possibilities to help people look and more importantly feel better in their skin. After attending school and having the experience that I had in school I thought I wanted to provide a better learning environment and a better experience for future estheticians. I wanted to help people find their way and find their passion in a better way than what I have seen being provided. I wanted to offer an opportunity for students to get a good knowledge of esthetics and the limitless possibilities in the industry. I chose to focus solely on esthetics so students would be able to have a full understanding of the education they would receive. I have a heart for this industry, and I push people to be the best at what they do by providing an education that will prepare them for not only their state boards, but their transition out into the amazing world of esthetics and all it has to offer. I have taught several students and every one of them have passed their boards and I have had the joy of seeing them go on to become knowledgeable professionals in the field. 

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